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*IOCC and Outreach Alaska Donation - 06/24/15

Thanks to IOCC and Outreach Alaska, the seminary was in receipt of a huge donation of furniture. The seminary kept a number of beds, dressers, and desks to be used in the student housing. The surplus goods were distributed to other local non-profits and families. A youth group mission team from Church of the Annunciation in Milwaukie, Oregon, did most of the heavy lifting and were assisted by parishioners from Holy Resurrection Cathedral as well as Kodiak's local Roman Catholic priest and volunteers from the Baptist Mission. It was a real community event! The grateful organizations that received the extra furniture included Native Village of Afognak, Kodiak Women's Crisis Center, Kodiak Island Housing Authority, Kodiak Baptist Mission, Kodiak Wildlife Refuge, and others.

*The furniture was donated to IOCC and then offered to St. Herman Theological Seminary through their USA projects. Due to the extreme costs of shipping, an anonymous donor gave half of the funds necessary to Outreach Alaska specific for this project. Without this committed Outreach Alaska donor, the gift to St. Herman Theological Seminary and others in the Kodiak area of Alaska, may not have received this most needed gift. Our gratitude and appreciation to those who give so generously to Outreach Alaska and to IOCC.

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Subsistenence Living in Alaska


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The Blessing of the Fleet in Kodiak, Alaska on Memorial Day, 2011

On Memorial Day, Kodiak comes to honor those lost at sea. It is a special occasion, come rain or shine. Blessed water from the beginning of the year is stored for this occasion. The Russian Orthodox Clergy comes out for the event with paintings of St Herman, Kodiak's local Saint and a true supporter of the natives during the Russian occupation in the 1700s and 1800s.

Prayers are said and hymns are sung. Water is readied for the arrival of the boats as they line up to approach the pier. A blessing and a sprinkling for all willing to receive, whether large or small. And a wreath has been prepared, to be given to the "Raven", with the families of the departed to carry to their loved one's resting place.

And as the audience feels the grief, a pet wonders what is happening, while an Officer looks out to sea.

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