Unity of Faith: Alaska Orthodox Encounter

Date: August 18-20, 2023

Address: 3889 Timbercrest Road, Juneau Alaska(AK)

You are invited to participate in a special gathering of Alaskan Orthodox believers where we will come together to strengthen our faith and deepen our spiritual understanding. The meeting, organized under the title “Unity of Faith: Alaska Orthodox Encounter,” offers a unique opportunity for sharing, prayer, and mutual support.

During this inspiring event, we will have a variety of spiritual services, lectures, and panel discussions that will address important aspects of the Orthodox faith. We will share our knowledge, explore theology, and discuss how to apply our faith to everyday life.

The meeting will also provide an opportunity to meet with spiritual mentors and elders who will be available for individual counseling and prayer services. We will trust that their wise counsel and spiritual parables will help us to be strengthened in our faith and walk the righteous path.

We also plan to hold various workshops and cultural events to discover and share our talents and expressions of faith through art, music and literature. This will be a source of inspiration and a means of strengthening our unity and understanding.

“Unity of Faith: the Alaska Orthodox Encounter” is a time and place where we can meet in love and harmony, share our spiritual paths and grow stronger in our common faith. We invite all who are seeking deep spiritual fellowship and growth to join this important event.

We look forward to seeing you at our meeting, Unity of Faith: Meeting the Orthodox in Alaska!

The following issues will be addressed at the meeting of Alaska Orthodox believers

  • How can we strengthen our unity and cooperation in the Orthodox faith in Alaska?
  • What is the role of Orthodoxy in today’s society and how can we meet the challenges we face?
  • What practical steps can we take to better understand and apply the Orthodox faith in our daily lives?
  • How can Orthodox faith and traditions influence family relationships and the spiritual education of children?
  • What spiritual practices and prayer methods can help us grow in our faith and support our spiritual life?
  • What aspects of Orthodox culture, art, and music can be used to spread and understand the faith?
  • How can Orthodox believers contribute positively to society and serve their neighbors in Alaska?
  • How can we better understand and apply the teachings and traditions of the Orthodox Church to our contemporary lives?
  • How can spiritual leaders and elders help us on our spiritual journey and how can we seek their counsel?
  • What opportunities for interaction and cooperation between Orthodox communities and churches in Alaska exist and how can we develop them?

These questions and many others will be the subject of discussion and exploration at the meeting to deepen our understanding and application of the Orthodox faith in our lives.



The Orthodox faith is a source of hope, wisdom and eternal love. It calls us to a deep immersion in spiritual reality, a transformation of the heart, and a striving for perfection. In it we find comfort in difficult times, direction in confusion, truth in doubt, and salvation for our souls. The Orthodox faith offers us a living communion with God, guidance for our lives, and the hope of eternal bliss. It becomes a support and source of inspiration, leading us along the path of truth and love, filling our lives with meaning and joy.

Whether you are a longtime believer or just beginning your journey in Orthodoxy, the AKFaith website offers helpful resources, meetings, and support to help you deepen your faith and grow spiritually. Join AKFaith and meet with other Alaska Orthodox believers to share experiences, mutual support, and a common journey of spiritual growth.


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