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Take the Missionary Oath:

The Lord said, "The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore Pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest (Matt 9:37,38)."

In faithfulness to this commandment, I the undersigned, as a new member of the St. Innocent of Alaska Missionary Prayer Society, make the commitment that on a weekly basis, (preferably Wednesday evening or Thursday, the day the Orthodox Church remembers the apostles,) I will sing the Akathist with Molieben to St. Innocent of Alaska, either at home before my icon corner or in the church, beseeching his fervent prayers before the throne of God for continued apostolic and missionary labors in the northern vineyard of Alaska.

I further promise that I will work in a spirit of unity and love, laboring together and praying together, with all Orthodox Christians of all jurisdictions, for joint missionary work, in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

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Thankful for the Prayers:

We are so thankful to those who pray for Alaska as members of the St. Innocent of Alaska Missionary Prayer Society. The following list indicates previous and current praying members. Your prayers are bringing miracles to Holy Orthodoxy in America's Great and Holy Land. We see this with the education of new clergy, the development of programs for youth, new projects with IOCC, church building and increased support for the projects of Outreach Alaska. Please join these people and others in prayer for Holy Orthodoxy in Alaska.

  • Jordan Henderson
  • Khouria Victoria Deffibaugh-Ziton
  • Nikki Bober
  • Jad Wolf
  • Brigid Fawcett
  • George P. Tatsis
  • Irenaios Anderson
  • Jeremy Taluzek
  • Margaret Pysarchyk
  • Sally Kookesh
  • Galina Schneider
  • Crystal R. Senour
  • Sherry ZiegerSherry Zieger
  • Mary Ann Khoury

What is the prayer society?

The St. Innocent of Alaska Missionary Prayer Society supports the growth of the Holy Church in Alaska with weekly prayers and mutual encouragement in the love of Jesus Christ. The Society was officially inaugurated in 2000 at St. Innocent Orthodox Christian Cathedral in Anchorage, marking the 130th anniversary of the first meeting of St. Innocent's own Missionary Society.

Who can join?

Membership in the St. Innocent of Alaska Missionary Prayer Society is open to all Orthodox Christians of all jurisdictions, and the cost of membership is simple: we must pray!

St. Innocent tells us:

St. Innocent, in his address at the first organizational meeting of his own missionary society in 1870, asked: "What then shall we do? How ought we proceed when, in the words of the Gospel, the harvest is great in our country (i.e., many remain unconverted to Jesus Christ)?" St. Innocent then answered, "Pray to the Lord of the harvest. Jesus Himself teaches us (Matt 9:38); thus, first and foremost, we must pray."

How do I pray?

St. Innocent of Alaska Missionary Prayer Society