• The Lives of the Saints of Alaska


Lives of the Saints

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St. Herman of Alaska

Little is known of the early life of the Monk Herman. He was born in Serpukhov in the Moscow Diocese about 1756...

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St. Peter the Aleut

Once I related to Fr. (later St.) Herman how the Spaniards in California had taken fourteen of our Aleuts prisoner...

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St. Innocent

He came from a pious family and at age six, young John was already reading at his parish....

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Hiermonk Juvenaly

The holy, glorious, right-victorious hieromartyr Juvenaly of Alaska, Protomartyr of America, was a member of the first group of Orthodox missionaries...

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St. Jacob Netsvetov

Our righteous Father Jacob was born of pious parents in 1802 on Atka Island, Alaska...

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