• Our Mission and Objective
  • Our Mission and Objective
  • Our Mission and Objective

A Note From Our Founder:

The Orthodox Church in Alaska is a Native institution - the first in America to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Diocese of Alaska maintains St. Herman's Theological Seminary in Kodiak, and some 100 churches, chapels and missions served by 35 priests and 11 deacons.

Outreach Alaska is a multi-faceted program implemented to help the faithful in Alaska by fostering growth in various areas of church life. This program - Outreach Alaska - is comprised of projects resulting from much prayer and thought regarding the needs of Orthodox Alaska - Our Lord's Alaska Vineyard. You are invited to join us in the discovery of ways to fulfill those needs.

Let us begin the steps that will bring the vision of hope to fruition for our brothers and sisters in America's Holy Land - Alaska.

Mary Ann Khoury, Outreach Alaska Founder/Coordinator


Respond to the call of our fellow countrymen, heirs to the spiritual legacy of St. Innocent, as they struggle in America's Holy Land against the evil one, treacherous weather, harsh subsistence lifestyle, and poverty to preserve the Orthodox faith.


Provide hope to the Orthodox faithful of Alaska through an organized effort of prayer and sharing our God given treasures: financial means, time, talent, energy, experience, and ability.


Help the Orthodox in Alaska!