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St. Juliana of Lazarevo Food Pantry: A Project for Married Students' Families of St. Herman Theological Seminary, Kodiak, AK

Over $5,000 was donated to establish this project that helps provide food and baby supplies to married students' and their families at St. Herman Theological Seminary. An ongoing project of Outreach Alaska - The New Alaska Mission, $6,000 must be raised every year to maintain supplies for the St. Julianna of Lazarevo food pantry.

Notice in the photos: A room was remodeled for this project including a new floor, wiring and new paint. New shelves and storage containers were purchased and the St. Juliana icon was hung during All Saints of Alaska Feast Celebration!

Notice in the photos: We received a large in-kind donation of 200 pounds of fish for the pantry from SeaShare! Thank you.

"…Do you love Me?....Feed My sheep."

- John 21:17

In December, 2005, Very Reverend Doctor Chad Hatfield, Dean of St. Herman Theological Seminary in Kodiak, Alaska, asked Outreach Alaska to develop a food pantry for the married students of the seminary. Students needed this due to the lack of financial aid seminary funds to provide the food. The seminary provides meals daily for single students. But the need for the married students had greatly increases with growth of their families. This combined with the high cost of living in Kodiak, (Example: 1gallon of milk costs $6.00 and a small McDonalds Hamburger costs $3.00) Father Chad experienced constant requests for food and diapers from these families. With the assistance of Associate Dean, Paul Sidebottom, Mary Ann Khoury, Coordinator for Outreach Alaska, accepted the project and work began.

In January, 2006, a area at the seminary was converted into the pantry. Outreach Alaska made arrangements with Safeway corporate for the seminary to purchase items on a credit account. The bills are sent to Outreach Alaska for payment. All remodeling was also billed to Outreach Alaska for payment.

Thanks be to God, our fundraising efforts for remodeling were successful. The project was completed and opened for the married students in August 2006. Outreach Alaska has committed to raise $5,000 every year to provide this project for St. Herman Theological Seminary in Kodiak, AK. Would you like to donate? Click here!

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